Still a dozen years ago, the only way to place a bet was to visit your local bookmaker outlet. The appearance of the internet brought about a revolution in this particular field also. The first online bookmakers emerged in the late 1990s. Today, many of them are completely prepared to serve Polish bettors. According to eGaming magazine, online bookmakers the leaders among them.

Reasons why to go global

7/24 betting

Owing to their accessibility via the Web, global bookmakers have so enormously gained the upper hand over your local bookmaker(s). You can place your bets via their websites around the clock. Betting on each event is offered on their websites virtually until the moment the game starts; live betting is possible for a number of games or matches–the option you will never find at a local bookmaker.

Higher odds, richer offer

Global bookmakers accept online bets, which allows them to offer higher odds: in contrast to their ground counterparts, they bear no cost related to running a number of outlets.

Online offer is richer as it features betting for customers all over the world. Rather than tailoring their offer to customers from a single country, such as Poland, online bookmakers try their best to make their offers as attractive as possible for international bettors. Hence, you can put your bets on sports as well as political or social events popular the world over.

No tax on winnings

Online betting offers higher profit: your prize will never be reduced by the 12% tax otherwise charged on winnings. Online bookmakers own firms registered in the UK, in Malta, Cyprus, or Gibraltar, and it is in these respective countries that all the taxes upon your bets are paid.

Live Betting–betting till the very last moment

Predicting the results live, during the match, as you watch the game as it goes on, estimate the players’ potential, and respond to the dynamically altering odds is all a guarantee of huge emotion and real fun. All this is only possible when betting on the Web.

Placing single bets for each particular event

With global bookmakers, there are no limits to betting: you can predict the result of even a single even selected from the offer, regardless of the sports discipline, league, or the amount (value) of odd. Polish ground operators often tend to restrict betting on singles for home leagues, which definitely reduces your chance to win.

Full insight into the bets placed

When betting with an online bookmaker, you can control all the deals occurring on your account. The whole history of your betting is recorded and you have access to it if you just log on your account. You can analyse your betting at literally any moment.

Automatic payment of prize

To bet online, you do not have to leave your home to get the prize you have won. Each of your bets is automatically checked by the bookmaker, and if the picks included in the voucher are settled as prizes, your money will automatically be paid to your bettor’s account, thus increasing your deposit. The amassed deposit is disbursable at any moment to the bank account you would define, or in any other form available.

ccess to numerous statistics, tables, sports results

Online bookmakers makes available to you, free of any charge, the tools that support picking/betting on sports events. The website of the bookmaker of your choice will display statistics, tables, and results that will enable you to accurately compare the data of the team(s) or player(s) of your focus, thereby facilitating your prediction of the result.

Transparent offer, fast betting

An online bookmaker website allows you to easily find the event of your interest and, possibly, for you to bet on. To enter a bet, what you need to do is just click your mouse a few times. You don’t have to go anywhere, look for the odds listed on ‘tangible’ boards, and queue to make a bet. Betting and picking is pure pleasure with an online bookmaker.

Promotions and customer bonuses

Being a sports betting leader, every online bookmaker always cares for his customers. A number of bonuses and betting promotions are offered repeatedly, along with excellent betting competitions–both for new and long-loyal customers.

Special extras: access to casino, poker, and online games

Websites of global bookmakers can offer you to enter a multilingual casino. You can test yourself with poker, the world’s most en-vogue sport nowadays. Also, you can go for any of the multiple online games available. Go try and find your luck just THERE!

The advantages of betting via the Web are numerous indeed. Anyone who has entered online betting will certainly stick to this form, finding it better and more comfortable to the bettor. Web-based bookmaking firms fully serve Polish users. Being real market leaders, they boast excellent offers also for the absolute beginners in online betting.