You can get higher prizes from a bookmaker through betting on a bigger number of events entered within a single voucher. This is the case of betting on the voucher’s aggregate odd, bets of this sort being referred to as accumulators or parlay (total-aggregate-odd) bets. Pick odds are multiplied in this case, so you receive a voucher with a much higher odd compared to making a single bet (one pick per bet). The prize is, in this case, the product of the stake and the accumulator (i.e. the product of all the odds of individual picks contained in the voucher). To win, you have to accurately pick all the results within the bet; one ‘missed’ event will erase your prize in its entirety.

Accumulator betting thus consists in collecting, within one voucher, several or a dozen-or-so interesting and most probable picks so that a very high total odd may be produced; thereby, when betting a very small amount of money (say, PLN 2,00), you may win several thousand, or a dozen thousand, or even several dozen thousand zloty. To give an example, a twenty-two-year-old Brazilian bettor placed a combination bet with and got the prize of EUR 173,000 out of one euro in a single accumulator. So, anything is possible!

While accumulators give high prizes, the possible losses of contributed stakes are not as high as in the other betting methods–unless you bet a really big money expecting a giant prize (which does happen at times, indeed!).

For accumulator lovers, a Web bookmaker is an ideal choice. Your prize will not be reduced by the 12% tax, thus making your prize even higher. In addition, global bookmaking firms often organise various promotions and/or extra bonuses for such bets.

To make you even more familiar with the operating principle of accumulator betting, let us use an example:

The picks entered in a single voucher are:

match: FC Chelsea vs. Birmingham City

FC Chelsea: pick 1, odd 1.22

match: Borussia D vs. Borussia M’Glad.

Borussia: pick 1, odd 1.70

match: VfB Stuttgart vs. FC Nürnberg

FC Nürnberg: pick 2, odd 6.00

aggregate odd (accumulator):
1.22 * 1.70 x 6.00 = 12.44

stake per voucher:
EUR 10

EUR 10 (stake) * 12.44 (accumulator odd) = EUR 124.40

EUR 124.40 (prize) – EUR 10 (stake) = EUR 114.40

In the above example, calculated has been the prize you are to receive if you go for the accumulator betting option with a Web-based bookmaking operator.